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ridin w/ the top down so im closer 2 god   
02:00am 08/01/2014
  Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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10:26pm 26/11/2012

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are you there god? it me moamar.   
03:19am 12/06/2012
  Sometimes me and my best friend alex cut class to paint our faces and fuck shit up w/ our back gang.

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11:22pm 04/05/2012
  Hi guys

im lookin to sell this bike (PICTURED BELOW)
ive had her for less than a year
the brakes are a little sketchy
i sell her cheap or for a good trade
if you gots questions
my email = lazerchrist@yahoo.com

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hugs and kisses,
jason pizzaface
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01:57am 08/01/2012
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GOTHNOTEZ (cicra 1997??)   
08:41pm 25/04/2010
  "...Coolness is she going out w/ justin?
Well if im not going to Metallica tonite(sic)
im going to Ryan's. He looks coolin his pic,
not like a murderer. well whatever."

(a diffrent girl is writing now)"he looks like satanist.
Oh My God,
yes she is but i don't care,
i know she dosen't like him.
God is dead & no one cares if
theres a hell,
then ill see you there"

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12:46pm 02/05/2009
03:12pm 24/01/2009
  hi guys!
imma at school rite now with my BFF heidi, she owns all the oil in thw world, were gonna write eachother letters when im cultured and girls like me.
god, why i dont girls like me?
im goning to frow my hair long and ride in my cloud convertable all across the west coast living in abadonned houses and eat with the ghosts of aborted babies in backalleys and dressing room,
im going to start to paint my face every day.
the girls will,like me,yeah.
once my friend built this tiny spaceship, big enough for two people, but before we could take off
he moved back to Texas.
he gave the spaceship to me
but i took it apart to build a computer.
everday of my life is a losing a battle.
it feels like ive been a war for eighteen years
and eighteen years war.
peace in the middle east.

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Soon revelation will be upon us   
06:30pm 05/09/2008
mood: bitchy
mys- terious, bearded visitor from overseas have been current across our continent since pre-Columbian times. The universal image of this man, depicted as an influential religious leader, has fascinated me for twenty years, during which time I conducted my investigations among every Native American willing to discuss his or her tribal history with me. Through them I learned that the mythic memory of this light-skinned (often referred to as white-skinned), robed man occurs in ancient myth among numerous Indian peoples.

But his story is found most frequently in North American legends, which reveal more infor- mation about his appearance and the nature of his arrival. In Middle and South America, he was known respectively, as the "Feathered Serpent" (the Mayas' Kukulcan and Aztec Quetzalcoatl), and "Sea Foam", Kon-Tiki- Viracocha, to the Incas. North of the Rio Grande River, he is generally referred to as East Star Man, Peace Maker, Pale One, Dawn Star, etc.

Native accounts tell of his arrival from the direction of the rising sun, after which he set up a priest- hood among his followers, known as the "Wau-pa-nu" (the spelling is phonetic). They were said to have healed the sick and instituted new laws. Blood sacrifice was for- bidden and replaced by the use of tobacco, today an important element in all traditional Native American ceremonies. Among many eastern tribes, East Star Man is regarded as the son of the Great Spirit, the Creator.

I first learned of this Son of the Great Spirit from Ricardo Baeza, an Ojibwa medicine man in Golden Valley, Minnesota. He approached me after my lecture about the Michigan Plates. Collectively, they were associated with Daniel Soper and Father Savage, early preservers of a large group of cop- per artifacts and stone tablets unearthed from numerous mounds throughout the state of Michigan, beginning in the late 1800s. The objects, today scattered across the United States and Canada in mostly private collections, feature portrayals of familiar scenes from

Michigan Tablet depicting Christ's crucifixion. Tablet is made of a clay material, fired or sun dried, in the archives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah. Photograph ©, courtesy of David A. Deal.

mostly the Old Testament and three or more, undeciphered, written scripts, together with depictions of what appear to be persons from Europe or the Near East in hostile interaction with Native Americans.

Although condemned out of hand as fraudulent by the archaeologists, the so-called "Michigan Plates" or "Soper Savage Collections" continue to intrigue independent antiquarians, who believe the artifacts were made by an Old World religious community in the upper Midwest during the 4th Century A.D or

earlier. In the 1950s, Henrietta Mertz was the first researcher to identify the "tribal mark or mystic symbol" which commonly appears throughout the collection.

ollowing my Golden Valley slide presentation of the Michigan Plates, Mr. Baeza told me that he could actually read some of the glyphs that appeared on the Soper-Savage tablets, explaining that their symbolic meaning was part of his tribe's sacred tradition. He added that the so-called "mystic symbol" represented the name
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03:30am 20/08/2007
  Oh my God, I just fucken saw Jude fucken law on the godam fucken subway.  
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10:57pm 09/08/2007
mood: chOCLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!STINKDIXXX
.:*:.LAYER ONE.:*:.
-Birth date- 07/07/89 -Location- Pembroke Pines
-Eye color- Green -Hair color-light brown

-Height- 5’3
-Righty or lefty-righty
-Zodiac sign-Cancer

.:*:.LAYER TWO.:*:.
-Your heritage- Hispanic::-
The shoes you wore today-Black Reeboks
-Your weakness- Guliible

-Your fear- dieing by suffocating or drowning
-Your perfect pizza- Dominos
-Goals you'd like to achieve- BECOME SUCESSFUL!

.:*:.LAYER THREE.:*:.
-Your most overused phrase on AIM/MSN- LOL
-Your first thought waking up- "I wanna sleep !"

-Your most missed memory- Being with Andrew !
-Your best physical feature- my Lips

.:*:.LAYER FOUR.:*:.
-Pepsi or Coke- Pepsi
-McDonald's or Burger King- BK !!!

-Single or group dates- Single
-Adidas or Nike- nIKe!
-Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea- Nestea
-Chocolate or vanilla- Chocolate
-Cappuccino or coffee- Cappiccino

.:*:.LAYER FIVE.:*:.
-Smoke- no -Sing- yea but not good! LOL
-Take a shower every day- yea

-Have a crush- yup

-Do you think you're in love- YES sighh

-Want to go to college- BCC lol
-Want to get married- yea
-Believe in yourself- sumtimez
-Get motion sickness- no
-Do you think you are atractive-yea Get along with your parents- nope
-Like thunderstorms- yeaa

-Play an instrument- nope

-Drank alcohol- no
-Smoked- yup
-Done a drug-no

-Made out- yea -Gone on a date- no
-Eaten an entire box of chocolates- no

-Eaten sushi- no
-Gone skating- no

-Made homemade cookies- no

-Gone skinny dipping- no -Dyed your hair- no
-Stolen anything- yuhhh

.:*:.LAYER SEVEN...EVER.:*:.
-Played a game that required removal of clothing- no
-If so, was it mixed company- no
-Been trashed or completely intoxicated- yupp
-Been caught "doin somethin"-no -Been called a tease- yes
-Gotten beat up- no
-Shoplifted- yuhh -Changed who you were to fit in-no if u dun like me thats ur prob
.:*:.LAYER EIGHT.:*:.
-Age you hope to be married- 23
-Numbers and names of children- 2 Jennalise Andrew jr

-Describe your dream wedding- big fairy tale type thing
-How do you want to die- in my sleep
-Where do you want to go to college- didn’t I just answser this! RIGHT!

-What do you want to be when you grow up- Flight attendant
-What country would you most like to visit- europe

.:*:.LAYER NinE.:*:.
-Number of times taken drugs- 3
-Number of people you trust with your life- mom bro Lorraine Andrew
-Number of CDs you own- ALOT!
-Number of times your name has appeared in the newspaper- 0
-Number of scars on your body- alot i like em

-Number of things in your past you regret- 2 many 2 count

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06:31am 27/10/2006
mood: hope
guys guys
listen up i love you and shit
im wasted,
i miss alex
if any of u guyze eff with him ill cut u
with some euro kinfe, k.
anyway laides i have a pool
and stuff so maybe we can hook that up
and shit if youre feelin it,
im not an amputee of nothing
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07:09pm 03/01/2006
mood: anxious
I'm sick of being married. It sucks. As you can probably tell, Steve and I are having problems. We both have too much stress in our lives taking care of a baby and supporting ourselves and all, so we take it out on each other. Right now, we are seperated. He moved back in with Travis and we trade the baby every other day. Its hard. I miss him alot, but I know that for now this is the best thing for us to do. He's getting out of control though, I am running out of things to do or say to him. He called me this morning and told me that he couldn't take Layla today because he was too hungover. I guess he spent the night drinking very heavily. I'm fucking pissed. Do I not have the right to be? He told me I didn't. I'm angry because he knew that he had a responsibility of taking care of Layla today and tonight, and he goes and drinks and fucks it all up. This is the 4th night in a row he has drank. He just fucks up so much without me watching over his shoulder. I found out today that the other nights he was drinking he brought Layla with him. He brought a fuckin 3 month old baby to his friends house while he got hammered. I am heated as hell. Thats his fucking kid, thats his responsiblity. He can't even spell his name right when he's drunk, how the hell is he supposed to take care of a baby?? I don't know what to do anymore. He's my husband, and the father of my daughter, but I don't even know what to do. When we are together, we fight, when we're apart, we fight, and he fucks up alot. He says he regrets everything, but honestly thats not good enough for me. I want the man back that I married. The guy that would do anything in the world for me and his daughter. Now he's just an alcoholic with no priorities in life. WHAT DO I DO??? I don't want to take him away from his kid. I think that would make things so much worse. She needs a father in her life no matter what. Somebody please read this and help me. I don't know what to do anymore.
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08:09pm 30/12/2005
mood: weed
Im Tired Of Fucking Fakes,Puddin. People Who Say There Your Friend But Treat You Like Shit. Saying One Minute, Lets Go Hang Bro!! And The Next Making Fun Of Your walkies. Fuck All Of Them. I Hate You And You All Need To Stop The (FOOTBALLL!!!) Fucking Bullshit. Its Getting Fucking Old. Ill Dress, Act, And Listen To Music Any Way I Fucking Please. Metaphorically I Wish I Could Take The Knife You Put In My Back And Slit You Throat With It. Take A Long Long Walk Off Of The Shortest Pier.
Today After Skool i went with ben(that asshole) and katelyn to see.... STAR WARS EPISODE III REVENGE OF THE SITH. personaly, It Was Freaking Sweet. Amadala is so hott even if she was pregnat. We had a good time and Katelyns Party tomarow and that should be funn.justr got back from the mall. I went and hanged out with some pretty dam kool peps. Katelyn Crunk(babe!!!), Haha her last names Crunk.... Thats Freakin Sweet, Revinicus and two other awesome peps that were with Revinicus. Hes got a station wagon. So they picked me up from house and as we were at the new found harbor/520 light sean tinker(that asshole) came up be hind us and started to flick us off so then Revinicus starts to street race the bastard. That Worked great since hes car tops out at 90mph. So we went to El tucan and got it on with our inner mexicans. After that we went to go see kicking and screaming( funny Movie). Well thats my night. Im going to bed cause i got to drive my gma all o ver town 2moro. Then Space Coast Dance. Then Sunday Is the Hitops Cast party, fun fun. This weekend should be an adventure. See ya around.

smoke bluntz 4 lyfe.

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09:27pm 27/12/2005
  HET EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PLEASE CHEX OUT MY NEW BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I HOPE YOU LIKE IT AND I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it called crab hands>


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04:43am 25/12/2005
  My hair was getting to long,so i cut it,while it was wet.

....i hope it turns out somewhat even when it dries.haha


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FRIENDS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
09:21pm 22/12/2005
  HEY EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PLEASE CHEX OUT MY NEW BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I HOPE YOU LIKE IT AND I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it called crab hands>


heroz r 4ever   
04:38am 18/04/2005
  Thank you to everyone for putting up with me. I'm sorry I'm bringing you all down, and if I go on about that, it will just bring you down. So I guess I'll stop! I've had like 9835625 entries like that now anyways.

I did alot today to take my mind off of things. I can't stand to see when people are feeling down, and look for help from anyone, but don't do anything about it. I went to the movies with Carly, Nick, Nick, Christina, and Emily. We saw the Ring 2. It was fun, I like seeing them.

When I got home I had to babysit my brother, my brother, my sister, and my little cousin. Bj was there too haha. Catherine and Grahm had to babysit Keira, so we went over there and SUPER babysat. It was good. The kids hung out upstairs and basically did whatever they wanted haha Me, Bj, Catherine, and Grahm, watched Harold and Kumar downstairs with the baby. We went home at around 11.

I also had alot of really good conversations tonight with alot of really good people. I talked to Vanessa on the phone for a few hours this evening. I also talked to Lara for the first time, when I've had her on my msn list for weeks. It was just a regular conversation but it made me feel happy. I talked to Carolyn breifly, and Trish even more breifly... both were good.

Today I also though about little things that make me happy, like buying a cd and seeing the lyrics inside. Or when you step into a pit and it all of a sudden feels like every kid in there is family.

I have to go now, it's rather late. Thank you everyone.
raisin the barn   
04:35am 12/04/2005
  Okai. I wrote this yesterday. But I got kicked off right before I could submit it. So here it is...again....

This weekend was incredible. It was so much fun.

Thursday- Went to Jessica's right after school. We hung out for a while. Watched TV. Sat in her room, listened to music. All that fun stuff. Then later on Shawna Pankratz and Kristen came. We all hung out for a while. Watched a short film called "Try", very sad. Then Kristen had to go to bed. Jessica, Shawna and I watched the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre once again. A little bit after that we went to bed.

Friday- Woke up. Sat around for a little bit. Then Jessica's mom called and said that she would be leaving to come get us at 10am. So we had to start getting ready. We got all dressed, then got all of our stuff together. With some time to spare we just sat around and talked. Watched TV a bit. Then Jessica's mom and Tracy showed up. So we left. On the way to Seattle we stopped for a bit to get some coffee. Then a bit later we were in Seattle. We got there at around 11:50am. It was cold, misting, and windy. So we got out of the car, and started walking around Seattle. We went to Nordstroms for a bit. Felt pretty outta place. SO fancy in that Nordstrom's. It was crazy. Then we left, and in a window they were painting these girls in bathing suits with glitter. It was pretty interesting. We watched that for a couple minutes. Then we started walking again. We went down to this other mall and looked around. Got some food. Then we left again. We walked over to Seattle's Best Coffee. Sat in there for a bit to get warmed up. Then headed back to the Paramount. It turns out that Kathrine, who Shawna and Jessica had met at a previous show was there. We talked for a while, then Jessica, Shawna, and myself decided to look for a store to buy a blanket. We found a Salvation Army, but it wasn't the right one, it was an office for it or something. So we went on to find a Ross. But they were to expensive. So we just went back. We stood outside of there for a while. Then we heard some music. We realized it was Interpol doing their soundcheck so we stood by a side door and listened. I was afraid of losing our spot so after a little while I went and stood there again. Then this girl came over, Marchella. She asked if I was waiting to get into sound check. I said, "No......can I get in for soundcheck?" And she was like, "I think I could get you in." So I motioned to Jess and Shawna to come over. And we all started talking. Then Kathrine and her friend Elise (spelling?)came over too. Marchella told us to follow her and to just say that we were on the Secret Machines' street team. So we did. We stood outside the back of the Paramount with her for a while, when a guy that worked there went down to get Brandon (the lead singer) of the Secret Machines so that he could talk to the "Street Team". But Yeah. So He came up. It was really cool. He is super nice. We all talked for about 15-20 minutes. Then he went to see if he could find us passes. I sat in a chair that was out there, and Jessica was standing on the sidewalk. When all of a sudden she was like, "Shawna! It's Paul!" I stood up and looked, and Paul Banks had walked out of a back door. We tried to follow him (Haha, stalkers), but he is a very fast walker. So we just decided to go back. I was standing next to Jessica on the sidewalk, and everyone else was in chairs facing us. Jessica was looking down the street (I'm guessing for Paul) when I heard the door behind everyone else crack open, I looked up to see if it was Brandon coming back with passes. But who just happens to peak out from behind the door? That's right, Carlos Dengler! (Interpol's bassist) I looked at Jessica and motioned towards the door. She looked over, then went, "Hey Carlos! What's up man?" Haha. It was cool. So we talked to him for a bit about the afterparty. Tried to give him directions of where to go. And yes. It was quite cool. He is really nice. After that Marcella had to go inside to start putting up posters. Kathrine gave Marcella her cell number so that she could call incase she found tickets or anything. A few minutes later, Kathrine's phone rang. Marcella said that the guards had just left the doors and to hurry down and get inside. So we ran as fast as we could down there. Then we went down to the bathroom so no one would see us. A bit later we went up to the balcony and hid in there. We watched Hail Social practice. At around 6:30 we were going to go back outside because we didn't want to get caught and then get kicked out. So we headed down there. On our way out though, we told a girl that worked at the Paramount about us being on the Street Team and that we wern't given our passes so we were told to just go sit in the balcony. She was like, "Oh, okai. Well, you can just go over there and get your ticket scanned and just stay in here." We were so releived. So we did that. Then we went down to the floor and saved our spots. Then at 7:00 they started letting people in. At 8:00 the show started. Hail Social opened. They were pretty good. Then The Secret Machines went on. Oh my god. They are amazingly good live. I liked them before a lot, but now I like them so much more. They are great. After their set, it was Interpol's turn. Setting up their instruments took forever. They guy tuned Paul's guitar 5 times. I'm not even joking. Finally they went on stage. I squeezed Jessica's arm so hard. They started playing and it was just so surreal. I loved it. We threw a cigarette box that we had written our phone numbers on onstage with a note in it that Kristen had written the night before. We kept trying to get Paul's attention but couldn't. Finally he saw it on his own and walked over and looked at it. When it got quiet Jessica yelled to him, "PAUL! It's a present for you!" And he looked down at us and said, "I'll grab it in a minute." Oh man. We FREAKED out. Haha. It was great.They played some more then went off stage while their instruments were re tuned. Then they came back and played a few more songs. It was so wonderful. Afterwards, we got out, we were like, some of the first people out. I bought a shirt. Jessica bought a pack with stickers and pins of Interpol. And Shawna got the Secret Machines cd. We went back outside to where we had been standing earlier when we met Carlos and Brandon. Brandon was out there again, so we talked to him more. Shawna had him sign her cd. It was cool. He is a nice fellow. Then we stood there for a litte, and then Carlos and Daniel came out. We talked to Carlos a bit more. And we met Daniel. He was a little grumpy I think. We waited to see if Paul and Sam came out, but they didn't. So we went to the front. I found a 1077 the End sampler cd on the ground. It was bomb. And we found Secret Machines stickers on the ground too. Then Shawna's mom came and picked us up. We went back to her house. There was a creepy guy there. After he left we sat up in her room for a while then went to sleep.

Saturday- Woke up. Hung out for a while. Shawna and her mom dropped Jess and I back off at Jess's house. We hung out. I called my mom and my sister. Couldn't get picked up. So we stayed at Jessica's that night. We tried to watch the Virgin Suicides but it was being stupid so we couldn't. So we just watched Degrassi and such things. Then we went in her room. Listened to music. Went to bed.

Sunday- Woke up. Hung out more. Finally watched the Virgin Suicides. It was good. Then I called my sister. Got ready. Tasia picked me up. Then her, Rem, Vanessa and I went to the Reptile and Exotic Animal Expo at the Puyallup Fair. They bought their Albino Burmese Python. And two small box turtles. I get to keep one! He is as big as a 50 cent peice. He is adorable. I named him Carlos. But I don't get to bring him home yet cause they could only afford to get one light, one light cover, and one water dish. So until they can afford to get another set of that, he has to stay with them with the other turtle,Pedro. Haha. Yeah. I am excited to get to bring him home though.Carlos is a pimp.

Today I got screamed at in the morning. I wasn't even asking to stay home, I just told my mom that my throat hurt and that I could barely talk. My voice was almost completely gone. And she started screaming at me. Pissed me off. But yes. so I was late for school, by like, 20 mins or something. Didn't really do anything today at school. Had a big test in German. Pretty sure I did good on it though. Oh, I got called down to the counselour's office and got lectured about my grades. I am going to bring them up though. I'm working on it. But yeah, I have oneA and the rest are F's. Ha.

Anyways. So tomorrow I have to go to Tutorial at 7:20am. Gay. Oh well.

I am excited for this weekend. Jessica, Shawna P, Kristen, and myself are going to see Demonomania. It will be good times.
♥ ♥ ♥

04:23am 10/04/2005
  Man okay, i havent been home for the past few days so i am goin to tell you what has happend... lets start out on thursday! well me and keara and shawna and like ananda and people got into a big fight. Keara forgave Kim and Jenny( whom i have no problem with anymore) except kim.. and like Kim started big rumours about her and stuff which pisses me right off... liek she;d rather have me and shawna and people mad at her than kim. Like what the fuck. am i not a good friend? am i not nice to her? i would have done anything for her... she was one of my bestfriends.... i would have thought that i was one of her... but i guess not. i guess she doesnt want to hang out with me... doesnt want to go to the mall or the movies anymore... doesnt want to go to Green Day... doesnt want any of this fucking shit that i could do for her.... but no. okay so then on friday i had a dentist appointment at 8:30 in the morning... oh god i was so scared... and then the lady that was cleaning my teeth i sware was perposly trying to make me bleed!!! but i bit her... so it was all good! lol. then i went to school and yeh... after school i went to Shawnas house with sarah and we dyed my hair... its soooooooo red now!!! and then we dyed sarahs hair or streaked it jet black... it was soooo cool!! Im pro! lol then we went to the show... oh god we got there at like 6:00 and it was packed... we couldnt even get in until like 8:30 it was soo bad.. but i met a few new people, which was totally cool. when i got in i saw chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D i was soo happy:) but then to my horror i saw Cassie... who earlier got bitched out by my friend shawna... gotta love shawna! lol. a little later i went up to Cassie and this is what happend... oh and by the way Cassie had been making out with almost every guy in sight.
Olivia: Hey Cassie... Did you remember to take your birth control pills this morning, because by the rate that you are making out with these guys, you'll probably be having sex soon.
Cassie: Uh
Olivia: Ya you just walk away you whore
Shawna&Sarah&Ananda: CUNT
After that Cassie went into the washroom and cried her little black heart out:( boo hoo baby. then we had some more funn skankin lol. the show didnt end until like 12:00 surprisingly... we stayed until about 12:15-12:30 and we walked home. that was cool. that night i stayed at shawnas house with sarah. we attempted to watch stand by me.it was cool.. until i fell asleep. Yesterday heres what went down... got up at about 12:30, shawnas mom made us breakfeast... Shawna took a shower... went to my house so i could get dressed, went to Sarahs house so she could wash the black stuff outta her hair, straightend shawnas hair, curled my hair(no point to that lol) then we went back to shawnas house.. then her mom drove us to the show. we got there and Chris was already there so we cut in line lol. stood in line for about 45 minutes... not bad considering.. but it was snowing... after that we got in... much to my surprise Cassie was outside still waiting... haha wat a loser... so then we had pizza... mmm good lol.. then the STD's started to play... GOD THEY ARE SOOO AMAMZING!!! skanked to them like the whole time.. it was great.. a while later guess who was in thte mosh pit... thats right.. Cassie... so i went in after her... i totally nailed her right in the back, FULL FORCE PUNCH... it was so great i loved it.then shawna and sarah came in when they saw her and she ran out as soon as she saw us. it was soo funny lol. near the end of the night i didnt want Chris to leave:( hes soo cute lol.. but he had to cuz he didnt want to make his dad mad, but i WILL see him this week no matter what! i have to! its a must... but thats all that happend yesterday, and i slept over at shawnas house again with sarah..,. it was soo fun haha. then this morning we just hung out and stuff and i went home.. took a shower, ate and now im doing this. this entry is like my longest one ever... i hope everyone had an awesome time reading it.. and at the shows!!
bye bye for now *kiss kiss*